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Case Studies

Case Study 1

Our member had taken his first responsibility for managing team members.

One member of his team simply wasn't "getting it" - that cultural "it" that meant he wasn't fitting in, his behaviours were out of step with other team membeers and he was very close to failing his probationary period and losing his career - this was unheard of in this business. 

This didn't stack up! This was a young man who had made it through school, university and the firm's interview process.

To our member, this "didn't make sense."

Af Footdown Scotland, if someone's behaviour "doesn't make sense," we want to find the questions that help make sense of the situation.

Through a series of focussed, effective questions, we were able to help our member to establish that his team member had a condition that means he accepts and processes information in a different way.

We are delighted that through our questioning, a young professional is prospering and performing, a line manager is better equipped to think about how he manages his team, and an organisation is thinking differently about how it engages and assesses it's employees.

Case Study 2

Our member had recently assummed responsibilty for leading a senior team of experienced professionals-these were acknowledged "high performers" with a proud track record of successful results. This was his first appointment to such a position and he was taking over from a well established predecessor - Gaining team engagement with his vision and how they could "raise their game" was proving problematic.

We helped our member develop a series of deliveries around vision creation, values embedding,purpose.

These conversations led to team establishing a level of performance and engagement that is now being replicated across the organisation using the methodology we introduced. 

Most satisfingly,our member has a team that now acknowledge that "what got us here won't get us there," as they continue to strive for even stronger preformance.