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Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate you may have some questions about our service and have tried to answer some of them here. If we didn't answer your question, or you need additional information, send us an email at, or phone 07795 598 464, and we will be pleased to try to help you.



Who uses a coach?

Coaching is used by individuals who are looking to leverage even stronger performance than that which they already deliver. They are keen to have their existing thinking stretched and are curious about exploring alternatives.


How long do sessions last?

Sessions typically last up to 90 minutes. They are arranged at a mutually convenient time. 


How frequent are sessions?

Frequency is tailored to meet the needs of our members, however, they are typically arranged every four-to-six weeks, with agreed support being provided between sessions. A typical commitment to a coaching relationship would be for a minimum of six months.


What kind of subject matter can be discussed during coaching sessions?

No subject matter is "off limits." Sessions are entirely confidential and safe. We want our members to feel safe in discussing their most sensitive matters. Sessions often spotlight members behaviours that they would like to improve or alter.


What are the characteristics of effective coaching?

Coaching nurtures potential to help it blossom. Coaching fuels adrenaline, which leads to increased enjoyment. It helps to empower individuals and bring clarity to priorities. It releases individual flair and creativity and improves performance. It puts a spotlight on areas that members want to reflect on - often uncomfortable areas.


How many sessions should I book?

The number of sessions will vary per member, however we would typically expect a minimum commitment of six months (reviewing the effectiveness of our sessions on a regular basis).


What are your payment terms?

Our initial "evaluator" session will be free. Thereafter, should both parties agree that they want to proceed, invoices are raised on a monthly basis (3rd of the month) an are payable withing 14 days.


How will we measure progress/effectiveness?

We will agree at the outset of our coaching relationship a series of benchmarks that can be referred to on an ongoing basis in order to monitor our progress towards our goals. With the member's permission, we may seek feedback from their peer group from time to time, to augment the member's personal opinion.


What are the important elements of a coaching relationship?

Creating an environment of "safety," where the member feels safe to express the thoughts that are authentically their own. In addition, it is important that the member accepts the responsibility and willingness to execute actions that they themselves have arrived at. At it's core, we want to create a relationship where the member can safely blossom. Mutual respect, benchmarked progress and relevant subject matter all form part of the mix of a successful relationship.


What mediums are used for sessions?

Sessions are usually conducted face-fo-face, in person. However we also utilise Skype and Facetime where appropriate. 


How experienced a coach are you?

We have over 5,000 hours of coaching experience coach individuals across a wide spectrum of sectors. Please see our Testimonials section for further detail on our members experiences with us.