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"I've had the privilege of working with Cameron for 3 years, as leader of the Scotland Footdown Fifteen, and he's a man of the highest integrity. His personable and confidence-inspiring manner is conducive to getting the best out of those he coaches and like any real expert, he makes what he does look easy - which of course it isn't."


Austin Flynn

Partner and Head of Corporate Division at Morton-Fraser.

"Cameron has at once supported me, and challenged me, in my efforts to improve Origin RPM as a business, and improve myself as a leader. I found him through the recommendations of others, and I'm pleased to recommend him myself - he cares about his clients, and is a pleasure to deal with. The increased performance of my business, and myself, since starting to work with Cameron speaks volumes for the effectiveness of his work."

Stephen McNaughton

Director of Origin RPM.

Cameron's coaching style is at once supportive and challenging; he drives me to do better, to identify the great decisions from the good decisions, and to intuitively know what is best for my business. With his knowledge and experience, I am building an arsenal of tools that will help me become an effective and successful business owner. It is a pleasure to work with him and my business certainly sees the benefit.


Helen Dibble

Marketing Consultant.

"Cameron’s business experience, his interpersonal skills and his networking ability form a great combination as a background to his coaching and mentoring work. Over the past few months, as a coach and mentor, he has helped me to prioritise tasks as the business develops and then to focus on the priorities. As ISLA grows, Cameron’s insight into the world of investment promises to be crucial."


Robin Lickley

Managing Director of ISLA.

"Cameron is a trusted advisor with the ability to steer businesses along the right path. Time spent with him has given me renewed insight into situations, permission to do the right thing when it's needed and sometimes just peace of mind! 

He is thoughtful, kind and wise. Always a pleasure to talk to. For people looking to accelerate their own business and personal development, I thoroughly recommend you spend some time with Cameron."

Teresa Jackson

Director at Collabor8te.

Anyone who has worked with Cameron will appreciate his genuine and considered approach to your needs. He’s great at getting you to think about “the questions we are not asking” while ensuring that you are taking accountability for what goes on in your job, business, or career, whatever that may be. A great guy to know and pleasure to have around your office.


Harris Bokhari, MSc, Ba


"If it wasn't for Cameron I really wouldn't be where I am today - thank you so so much! I pitched my business Love2scoot to him back in 2008 and from there I was introduced to former BBC Dragon Doug Richard who is now my investor and business partner. Cameron was a fantastic mentor, playing the devils advocate when critically needed, and his overall confidence in my ability and the business model gave me the strength I needed to persevere. He's one of the UK's most meticulous, business savvy gatekeeper's and I sincerely hope our paths cross again."

Victoria Atherstone

Business Strategy and Transformation Consultant.

"Cameron is a pleasure to work with. His warmth, generosity and sincerity exude through everything he does and although I haven't directly been on the receiving end of his coaching skills, I can't imagine a better naturally-equipped person for the task."

Giles Miskin

MD of The Colour Works, Speaker of the Year 2013 at Academy for Chief Executives.

"Cameron and I have crossed business paths many times in the last 6 or 7 years. His professional approach commands respect from everyone he meets. In recent years I have found his extensive Banking knowledge has been enhanced greatly by his own entrepreneurial experience and as a result he is in the right place to help companies and individuals grow in these difficult times. In the business financing world he is a real poacher turned game keeper his advice services and connections will be invaluable to growing companies."

Liam McClean

MDT Technician (UT 3.1/3.2 & MPI) & Rope Access L1.

"During an excellent School of Coaching and Mentoring programme run by the Footdown Leadership and Organisational Development Team, I worked closely with Cameron to develop our joint coaching and mentoring skills. 
I was obvious very early on that Cameron was extremely well suited as a coach / mentor with excellent communication skills and an empathy which would relax any coachee and draw the very best out of a coaching relationship. 
During our work together I found Cameron particularly good at reading a situation and delivering constructive and highly informed feedback. 
I would certainly recommend Cameron for anyone wishing to explore a coaching relationship as his inter-personal skills and informed business acumen should add significant value to anyones personal development."

Richard Barrington

COO and Business Consultant.

"It continues to be a pleasure working with Cameron as he totally understands my personal and business needs. His excellent inter-personal skills help provide an insight into areas I could improve on not only at work but also at home. I feel a better leader already."


Graham MacKenzie

Managing Director of the West Kilbride Golf Club.

"Cameron is an excellent communicator and facilitator as well as having a good nose for a great business opportunity. He is a great strategic thinker and as such is an excellent non exec and business coach . On a personal level Cameron is one of the most honest people I know and ensures that this honesty and integrity is paramount throughout all his business dealings. I highly recommend engaging with Cameron who has surrounded himself with a vast network of like-minded principaled and trustworthy business contacts."

Liz MacKenzie

Entrepreneur and Writer

"Cameron brings a wealth of experience, drive, enthusiasm and common sense to the strategic development process and plays an integral role in setting and achieving business objectives."


Edward Emerson

MD, NHW Weekly.

"Cameron is a dedicated and committed professional with an extensive network of contacts and business relationships. He is an enthusiastic and infectous character who always lightens the discussion but maintaining a focus and agenda. I have no hesitation in referring contacts to Cameron where the value add is sought."


Derek Breingan

Head of Health and Social Care Sector for Clydesdale/Yorkshire Bank in UK.

Cameron is an exceptional coach.   I have been working with him for a number of months, and in that time, his expertise has had a real tangible value for my development.   Cameron is highly professional and personable, and strives to stretch my thinking and development, and I am very grateful for all of his support.  


Cameron is also great leader of the Footdown group – a clear skill he has is in facilitating discussions with all members and encouraging collaboration and problem solving amongst members.  

Louise McCosh

HR Director, French Duncan

"I've known Cameron for some five years since his arrival in the SME investment and advisory market. He is energetic and relentlessly positive, yet insightful about the challenges facing people struggling to grow their businesses. 
Cameron is a thoroughly trustworthy and capable person to have working alongside you as you navigate through those challenges, and I'm delighted to recommend him."


Alastair Balfour

Entreprenurial Advisor, Non-Executive Director