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Cameron Thomson

At FOOTDOWN Scotland we know that "leading," can be a lonely place sometimes. So, what is a "coaching relationship," and how can it help?

A "coaching relationship," is a peer-to-peer relationship where, through the power of questioning, we broaden the thinking of our members. At FOOTDOWN Scotland, we have great questions for your good answers. It is worth nothing that the coaching relationship is not a teaching, training, or mentoring relationship.

The relationship is not a "slavish" commitment, but rather, is one where members can "dip in/out" as their situation requires. However, one of the most fundamental elements of the relationship is advance preparation in order for sessions to be effective.

Our engagement is a commited relationship which helps our members think through their challenges and brings clarity and understanding to -

-How they make decisions

-Where they may have blindspots

-What other options may be available

At FOOTDOWN Scotland we understand that our coaching relationship does not replace existing relationships with fellow business colleagues, Chairpersons, Board Members, Trustees, or line managers - rather, it sits beside them and augments them.

Ultimately, the member will develop a skillset that will allow them to become self-sufficient and self-coach themselves going forward.

Our members value questioning that comes from outside their organisations and shines a light on even their most basic assumptions.

A key element of the relationship is anonymity - many of our members prefer to engage with us privately. 

It is very unlikely that through coaching, the member will become "technically" better - the areas that FOOTDOWN Scotland coaching concentrates on are behaviours.

If you would like to know more about how our approach to the coaching relationship can help you, please contact us for an initial discussion.